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Stories of Hope, Compassion and Love of volunteers serving the refugees in Lesvos

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Welcome to InvisibleHeroes.eu.

Invisible Heroes is a campaign project bringing awareness of the refugees crisis situation in Lesvos, Greece. Invisible Heroes is a collection of short portrait videos where relief workers and volunteers share their story and heart of why they are helping out in this refugees crisis. The goals of these personal stories is to inspire others to get involved, to be aware of the situation, pray, donate and volunteer here on the island.

May you be inspired by their stories.

May their personal stories inspire you and bring Hope, Compassion and Love to the refugees.


Sarah is a real inspiration, her smile shows her love filled heart to the ones around her. Sarah is an art therapist and has worked with YWAM around the world for several years. She now works in the refugee camp bringing light and hope through a therapeutic approach.


Adel was a translator for the american forces in Iraq, his homeland. He had to flee his country to survive. Now he is a translator again for the many organisations that work with the refugees, and is one of the people running the camp in the north of the island.


Helena is a girl of many talents. Making others feel welcome is definitely one of them, and that is what makes her so good at her role right now, of receiving volunteers and organising the logistics around their stay as they come to serve in the refugee crisis.


Kim is a long term missionary and  he does an amazing job at introducing the volunteers into the complex world and work with the refugees. He has been living in Lesvos for over a year now and has been serving the people seeking refuge in many practical ways.


Jenn has a big heart for individuals and her friendship has made an impact in the lives of many refugees. She has come back for the second time to Lesvos to be able to give a little bit more of her time to the ones whose time seems to be going to waste.


Jenni came all the way from Australia and has a passion for telling stories through photography. Here she has given her time to just get to know the people seeking refuge, helping out in any way she can, freely sharing her love and showing compassion for these families.


Gladston has a heart for people and is from Brazil. To see a smile on peoples faces is one of his goals, how can he do this in a refugee camp? With sports of course! He has been giving of his life and time to those whose time seem to be going to waste.


Tom has left his job to be able to serve the in the refugee camp. Tom is from the Uk and has been serving the refugees in different practical ways in the camp. He has a big hart for families and has made it his priority to love and protect them during his time there.

Short term opportunities

There are many locations that are open to receive those who are unable to serve for more than two weeks, yet are still open to those who still desire to serve for longer.

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Long term opportunities

There are locations that are open to receive those who are able to commit to serving a minimum of three weeks or longer.

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Send a team

Want to send a team to refugees?  We’ll place you at the feet of the greatest need.

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